We support researchers, system architects & engineers

in finding the right opportunity within the industry and supporting companies in the search for the brightest minds available.


Research-Square takes care of the whole cycle of recruitment, interviewing, contracting, relocation & integration of employees from all over the world

Besides making an impact on the careers of our employees, we support them and their partners/families with the relocation and finding feet in their new environment.

Thanks to R² the transition of my family into the Netherlands was smooth and easy: helping us find a home, getting our administration sorted and providing support in many other ways.

Azraa Meyer Global Program Manager

Erik de Groote

Welcome! I founded Research-Square in 2018 with the determined desire to keep innovating and support in making fundamental changes.

By background I am an experimental physicist and I very much enjoy working with our team and talking with engineers and scientists. A great aspect of our job is being able to visit the most innovative technical companies and being able to connect both jobseekers from all over the world and companies with each other.
With our team at Research-Square we want to make an impact on people’s lives and fully support in the process of finding, sealing and thriving in a new job and environment.
We welcome you to reach out and look forward to meet-up!

Maikel Schellekens

After working several years in the recruitment industry, I partnered Research-Square. We are striving to make an impact on people, clients, and most important careers in the Netherlands. What inspires me in this job is the possibility to be in contact with people from all over the world and spreading the success of Dutch engineering companies.

Isa Hagemeier

I connect talents globally with innovative R&D companies here in the Netherlands. As a person I always had an intrinsic curiosity and interest in people, especially if they come from all over the world. I enjoy learning more about different cultures, habits and environments. I do this by a lot of travelling and having an open and accessible-mind. 

I help you find the perfect fit in your career using a personal approach in which I listen to your personal and professional preferences, wishes and needs. In addition, I guide you to land as smoothly as possible in your new environment. We do this through personal programmes and creative events.

Feel free to connect!

Margo van As

I was born and raised in South-Africa. I studied to become an Occupational Therapist and after working in the field for 7 years, we relocated to the Netherlands. I am passionate about working with and helping people. I decided to take on a new challenge and joined Research-Square, to continue my passion of working with and helping people. I enjoy this challenge as I can relate a lot to the candidates I work with, as I went through the same process they are going through. I enjoy making a difference and to be challenged. I also enjoy the diversity of people I get to meet daily.

Pascal Rampart

I’m working as a HR Office Manager at Research-Square. In this role I am making sure that every candidate will get the onboarding that fits their needs. Every personal situation is different, which is the challenge that gives me a lot of energy.

Together with the HR team we ensure that the relocation & onboarding of each candidate is successful in terms of visa’s, housing and integration. Because everyone is different, it is nice to try to find the best way to onboard you!

Dylan van de Staay

As a Business Manager at Research-Square I am responsible for the staffing and recruitment of international engineering professionals. What I like about my job is that I can have a contribution in the high-end industry in the Netherlands by finding the best candidates available and get to see other countries by meeting our candidates all over the world.

Danika Schlagbauer

I am born and raised South African now living in the Netherlands! I am part of the HR Team at Research-Square. What I really enjoy is getting to know each candidate/family personally and helping them get to the Netherlands with ease. As an expat myself I can greatly relate to everyone deciding to immigrate and understand what they would need to feel right at home here.

Raechel Thompson

I was born and raised in South Africa and relocated to Netherlands in 2023. It was a big decision to make – but I am so happy that I took the leap of faith to start this new adventure. I now get to be part of this diverse & experienced team at Research-Square who have made me feel so welcome. My background is in Education as I have always had a passion for guiding and supporting people, which are skills I have transferred directly into my current role as international recruitment consultant. Since I have gone through the relocation process myself, I feel confident and passionate in helping you through it all and assisting you in making a smooth transition. I believe in the value of having a personal approach in order to identify your specific needs, skill set and preferences and in turn find the perfect match for your career.