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About Us

About Us

Research-Square supports academic researchers and scientist in the finding of the most suitable jobs within the industry and on the other hand supports companies in the search for the brightest minds available.

With Research-Square we take out of hands the whole cycle of sourcing, recruitment, interviewing, contracting and onboarding including all required documents and permits.

Next to that we have identified that many academic candidates enjoy personal advice, coaching and training to meet the requirements for the industrial roles they aspire

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My name is Erik and by background I am an experimental physicist. I am working already for many years in the technical recruitment field, always with a focus on academic candidates.

I enjoy talking with technical candidates trying to understand their niche expertise and on the other hand visit tech companies and find added value in the matching of both.

In 2011 I founded the technical job board that is supporting companies in international recruitment marketing activities through job postings.

Many companies require more or additional support in their recruitment, employment and onboarding strategy which is something we offer with Research-Square.

So if you're looking for career / recruitment advice and wish to meetup, just let me know. Regards, Erik

Hi! My name is Inge Camps, a Business Manager at Engineering Square and Research Square.

Maybe it is due to my Human Resource Management background that I believe sustainable work relationships can only thrive when employee and organization goals are aligned. It is all about the congruence of an employee’s mission, values, and beliefs with those of their employer. You can best excel together!

Curious to know what we can do for you? Feel free to reach out!

You can contact me at inge @

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Your name could be here, please send us an email on

My name is Pascal Rampart and I'm working as an Office Manager within Research-Square and Engineering-Square.

I joined Research-Square during my graduation and was focused on sourcing, recruitment and personality assessments something I really liked a lot. I enjoy meeting a large diversity of people with different backgrounds, nationalities and personalities. After my graduation my activities have shifted from recruitment to onboarding candidates..

I am busy with arranging things like visa’s, housing, 30% rulings and other questions that employees may have. Every situation is different and that is where the challenge lies and which gives me a lot of energy.

I will ensure that the onboarding of each candidate is successful. Everyone is different and it is nice to try to find the best way to get you to the Netherlands! Are you the next one who is coming to the beautiful Netherlands? If you are interested to meetup just let me know.
Best regards, Pascal

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My name is Shakila Hodge and I am a recruiter at Research Square. I have an educational background in International Human Resource Management and practical experience in all domains of this field.

In 2020 I joined Research Square and in addition to sourcing activities, I focus strongly on process optimization as to contribute to the strategic objectives of Qreer by refining implementing and undertaking activities on a strategic- tactical- and operational- level.

I enjoy working with both multinational companies and individuals. I get energy from being able to incorporate this aspect into my daily tasks while matching diverse groups of people with the best fitting job both for them and the client. Whether you are trying to find the right candidate or the right position for you, I can effectively assist you each of these aspects.

For all your enquiries please contact me at, and I look forward to meeting you and giving you a good dose of HR!

Finding the right opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), is not always easy when you are a highly specialized professional with an academic background. I know from experience as I have obtained a Ph.D.-degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in experimental micro-mechanics.

At Research-Square we try to be different. We are passionate about science and technology, and our academic backgrounds enable us to gain in-depth understanding of candidate profiles, and of the technical details of job opportunities. Combined with the informal environment at Research-Square, this helps me to make proper matches between vacancies and candidates in an efficient and fun way.

So, let’s talk science, technology, and engineering, and find the candidate or the job you are looking for. Let’s get those brains connected!

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Want to Join our team?

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We are looking for a:

  • Recruiter / sourcer (full time)
  • Sales internship (20 weeks)
  • Account manager (full time)
  • Marketing internship (20 weeks)

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and motivation letter to