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The cornerstone of our success as a specialist recruitment agency is our team working at Research Square. We are all either engineers or HR specialists specialized in the sourcing, recruitment, relocating and integration of people for your organization taking care of all operating assets and documents required to thrive in a new environment.

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The way R² team operates is what makes us stand out
  1. Reviewing job description

    The starting point of our work is understanding a job description. Being technically educated we understand the job description on a technical level which allows us to be more precise in candidate sourcing.

  2. Candidate sourcing

    We help you to find an employee who not only fits the job requirements but also has a personality that matches your company culture. We focus on personal competences and ambition, so that the employee can grow within your company.

  3. Interviewing

    Before we introduce candidates, we always do an initial interview in which we get a good idea of their background, ambition and personal situation. Once the candidate is ready and fits the profile, the interview process starts at the customer.

  4. Onboarding

    Found the right match? Perfect. We take the complete relocation process out of hands. Think of visa sponsorship, housing search, social registration, bank accounts & insurances, flight budgets and airport pick-up. From the day of arrival, we guide our people whilst settling in with regular coffee dates, Dutch language courses, practical workshops, Swapfiets, and many more social events to smooth the integration.

  5. Contracting

    After the initial secondment term and integration period, the employee can be transferred to your employment at no cost and continue the employment.

R² takes away the bulk of stress and uncertainty from the big immigration process.

Francois Hough Senior Mechanical Engineer