For our customers

The cornerstone of our success as a specialists recruitment agency is our team working at Research Square. We are all either engineers or HR specialists specialized in the sourcing, recruitment, relocating and settling in of the best people for your organization taking care of all operating assets and documents required to thrive in a new environment.

The way the Research-Square team operates is what makes us stand out and in the following 5 steps we defined the process for you.
  1. Reviewing job description

    The starting point of our work is understanding a job description. Being technically educated we understand the job description on a technical level which allows us to be more precise in candidate sourcing.

  2. Candidate sourcing

    We help you to find an employee who not only fits the job requirements but also your corporate culture. Using our network we are able to source candidates from all around the world or from a specific region of your choice.

  3. Interviewing

    To save your time, we do the first interview ourselves and present you candidates only if they meet your requirements.

  4. Onboarding

    We take out of hands all visa arrangements and assist candidates in relocation, help in finding housing, registering in a city hall and opening a bank account.
    Next to that we organize many social events and ensure all our candidates settle in their new environment and ensure social integration.

  5. Contracting

    After the initial secondment term you can take over our employees free of charge on your own payroll and continue the employment.

R² takes away the bulk of stress and uncertainty from the big immigration process.

Francois Hough Senior Mechanical Engineer