Thermal design engineer

job in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The vision of FEM analysis is prompted by the ever shortening lifecycles of technologies, the limits of which are increasingly being reached faster than ever. By combining FEM analysis and creative thinking, we are approaching innovation from a new and exciting direction, one that promises fresh thinking on how to reach next-generation technologies. As an Thermal design engineer your activities will focus on Thermal and Thermal+FEM calculations, all within a broad scope to express and develop your talents. Analysis is being used to contribute more than just mathematical predictions – your expertise combined with a flair for creative problem solving will generate ideas for use at the very forefront of the design process. You will influence the design of modules and their performance levels from specification to mechanical design.

You will ensure first-time-right solutions of mechanical designs by mathematically predicting their performance levels. Moreover, you will help ensure maximized performance of the mechanical design by motivating your colleagues to develop innovative improvements through creative and conceptual thinking. FEM modeling and analysis will be used to a large extend during your daily work. Your focus will be on thermal analysis including all modes of heat transport (conduction, convection and radiation), and the effect of heat loads on the structural response (deformations and material stresses). Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Working in multiple projects;
  • Perform Thermal/FEM analysis. Validation of models by tests. (where possible);
  • Create and communicate Simulation reports
  • Definition, documentation and continuous improvement of thermal/ FEM analysis processes;
  • Create and execute simulation plans and clearly communicate status and results to your
  • Stakeholders in/outside of the team (architects, designers).

Job Requirements


  • Technical University, Master’s or PhD with specialization in thermal sciences; mechanics of materials.


  • Finite element tools, preferably Ansys Mechanical;
  • Knowledge/experience in one or more of the topics below is preferred;
  • Deep understanding of Thermo-mechanical analysis (>5 years);
  • Radiation modelling experience (with at least Gray+Diffuse methods);
  • Coupling multiple modes of Heat Transfer (Conduction/Convection/Radiation);
  • Solid-Liquid-Solid Phase;
  • Change modelling;
  • Model Reduction Methods for Thermal CAE;
  • Understanding of simple Pyhton/MATLAB postprocessing;
  • PSE Certified at minimum “Standard” level

Personal skills:

  • Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude;
  • Creative thinking capability;
  • Customer oriented;
  • Critical sense and asking the right/fact based questions.

Applicant Information

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