Thin Film Stress Engineer

Job in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Job description:
For novel microelectronic devices, such as flexible displays, solar panels, Li-ion battery components, the residual stresses within ultra-thin, multi-layer membranes and thin films on substrates are dictated by the thin film manufacturing processes in a cleanroom environment (e.g., PECVD, ALD) and may result in premature cracking of the layers. To improve these manufacturing processes and further develop novel fabrication techniques, such as roll-to-roll processes, the stresses in these material layers must be understood and controlled.

The goal of the Thin Film Stress Engineer is to establish the relation between thin film manufacturing processes and the residual stress in the thin film stack, with an emphasis on intrinsic/growth stresses. To study and realize stable material layers, the thin film deposition processes, including relevant atomistic film growth mechanisms, must be modelled by means of discrete particle simulation techniques and validated by micro-mechanical experimentation.

Job requirements
We are looking for a highly experienced candidate with a PhD.-degree in mechanical engineering, physics, materials science, applied mathematics or similar. The candidate should have thorough knowledge of continuum mechanics, materials science, discrete particle simulation techniques such as (Coarse Grained) Molecular Dynamics, the (Extended) Discrete Element Method, and/or Monte Carlo methods, and thin film deposition processes, combined with strong programming (preferably in LAMMPS) and mathematical skills and a good physics intuition. The ideal candidate has excellent scientific skills as well as outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

Applicant Information

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