Radar Signal Processing Engineer

Job in the Hague, Netherlands

Job description

We are currently looking for a new colleague to fill the position of radar Signal Processing Expert in the Radar Technology department within the Technical Sciences field of expertise.

Are you up to the challenge of working with us to transform complex signal processing problems into well-formulated mathematical methodologies? Do you believe you have something to contribute to the research and development of advanced signal processing algorithms and waveforms for future phased array radar systems? Are you enthusiastic about working in an environment that already boasts a great deal of expertise? Do you know how to quantify platform-dependent performance differences? Are you able to define an optimal processing strategy for a newly developed sensor concept? If so this is a perfect job for you!

Job Requirements


  • University degree (preferably a Ph.D.) in Electrical Engineering, Physics or Computer Science and a scientific background in information theory and/or statistical signal processing.


  • You have an affinity for algorithm development, waveform design, and/or processing large amounts of data for radar systems;
  • You become enthusiastic about adaptive algorithms, machine learning or array signal processing, for instance;
  • Working with Matlab is second nature to you;
  • You are able to explain the intrinsic processing problem to customers and come up with creative and innovative solutions;
  • The balance between theory and practical usability is essential in that respect.

Personal skills

  • You are clever, creative and a fast learner;
  • You come up with fresh ideas and are a connector with the ability to make the group even stronger;
  • You have an eye for relevant developments in your field of expertise and have communication skills to support all of the above.

Applicant Information

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